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The Botanic Garden - An Important Tool for Research
Davidia involucrataWith around 9,000 plant species of almost all orders and families of land plants, the Botanic Garden of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz offers ideal conditions for investigating and discovering the diversity of the Earth's plants.  ... Icon 

The Green School in the Botanic Garden - Environmental Education and Awareness
Green SchoolThe Green School offers exciting projects dealing with botanical subjects designed for all age groups. The objective is to spark enthusiasm for nature and science and strengthen awareness of the significance of biological diversity even in the young.  ... Icon 

Ex Situ Conservation – Endangered Plants of the "Mainz Sand Dunes" Relict Steppe Region
Jurinea cyanoidesThe Botanic Garden of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is involved in the conservation of the rare plants of the Mainz Sand Dunes nature reserve. The threatened plant species of this unique relict steppe region are being successfully cultivated in a realistic recreation of their natural environment.  ... Icon 

Tours, Events and Exhibits - The Fascinating World of Plant Diversity
Tours, Events and ExhibitsThe JGU Botanic Garden is a wonderful location for relaxation and inspiration on the university campus. With guided tours, exhibitions, and events, it attracts a broad and interested public not only from Mainz but from the entire region.  ... Icon 
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